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Family-based Petition

A U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident must submit a family-based petition for their impending family member in order to acquire legal status in the country under a family-based visa. Family-based visas are possible for spouses, parents, kids, and siblings.

Family-based petitions are a specialty of Odutayo and Associates. We can assist you in determining whether your relative will be granted a visa and will walk you through the petition procedure.

Odutayo and Associates Immigration Law Family-based Petition

Special Immigrant Juveniles

Adopted, neglected, or mistreated immigrant are some of the most vulnerable segments of our population. Unfortunately, these people have a difficult time getting legal status, but Odutayo and Associates is committed to assisting them do so and start over in the United States.

We must demonstrate both that returning to the child’s home country or the home country of their parents is not in the child’s best interest and that reunification with one or both parents is not possible due to abuse, neglect, or abandonment in order for the child to be granted special immigrant juvenile status. It may be difficult to demonstrate this, but the knowledge of our legal staff will surely make this process a smooth one..

Fiancé Visas

Non-US citizens who are engaged to or plan to marry US citizens can relocate to the United States prior to getting married and starting a new life. Candidates seeking a fiancé VISA must fulfill specific requirements. Together, we will review the regulations to meet your needs.

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