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Immigration Law

Deportation Defense

If you breach immigration law while residing in the United States, you risk deportation and removal. For instance, you might be subject to removal or deportation from the United States if you entered the country illegally, overstayed your visa, or violated your present status.

You can fight your deportation and get assistance from Odutayo and Associates to stay in the country legally.

Odutayo and Associates Immigration Law Deportation Defense

Cancellation of Removal

Make a quick call to Odutayo and Associates if you find yourself facing removal proceedings or believe that they will soon begin. If certain requirements are completed, you can be entitled for removal cancellation. Our staff can help you establish evidence that you fit the requirements and can assist in keeping you legally and permanently in the US.

Prosecutorial Discretion and Waivers

The power granted to a government agency or officer to choose which charges to file in a legal matter is referred to as “prosecutorial discretion.” Prosecutorial discretion is frequently used in immigration law to choose where to concentrate immigration resources. You might go for years without being the subject of prosecutorial discretion if you’re living in the US illegally.

If you ever find yourself in the government’s sights, you’ll want an accomplished immigration lawyer by your side. You should hire the Odutayo and Associates team. We can assist in proving your eligibility for relief so you can remain in the US legally.

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